4 Reasons Why Everyone Chooses To Play Online Rummy Over Traditional Rummy With Real Cards

Everyone is aware of rummy. Rarely will you come across someone who says he/she is not aware of it – rummy is that popular. Not only in the current times but for several decades now rummy has been entertaining us all through. In the earlier days, rummy was played using real cards at a known place with known friends and relatives. In the recent times, with the online version, you play without the real cards at a place of your choice and with strangers too.

The recent trend shows the gradual switching to playing online rummy from traditional rummy with real cards. Several reasons have contributed to this paradigm shift. Here are 4 reasons bearing significant influence on the changing preferences.

  1. Convenience of playing

With more people using mobiles to do their mundane tasks, rummy online has caught up their fancy too. It is entertainment at your finger-tips. With advantages like the convenience of playing anytime and anywhere, playing rummy online especially Indian rummy is certainly very popular. Earlier if you wanted to play rummy you had to wait for the regular time your friends met and then play at the designated hangouts. But in these days, after a hectic day at work, you still can unwind late in the night by playing online rummy. This was never the case with traditional rummy in the earlier days.

  1. Attractive rewards and bonuses

All of us like rewards and bonuses. Playing rummy online gives ample opportunity for players to win rewards, cash prizes and fabulous bonuses that most people would love. In traditional rummy with real cards, usually,the pool amount is more or less the same. There are hardly any surprises that you could expect and bask in enjoyment. On the other hand, online rummy has tournaments and competitions with attractive rewards in the form of gift vouchers and real cash too. The several bonuses and cash back promotions are motivating enough for players to experience fun-filled and entertaining games.

  1. Better gaming experience

Unlike the traditional rummy which you played with real cards atthe usual place and with the same group mostly, online formatprovidesan amazing gaming experienceas you play with strangers too. In case of Indian rummy with 2D and 3D view of tables, attractive themes, innovative and astounding audio-visual effects and gaming features, playing online is a treat to the eyes and mind. Players do not just play here; they experience a whole new world called rummy. And it is not limited to few players – you have millions of players to test your rummy skills with. Fantastic!

  1. Fair and transparent play

In traditional rummy, an experienced dealer shuffled and dealt the cards. Even though the shuffling and dealing were considered to be fair and unbiased, it may not have been completely fair and transparent. However, in the online format shuffling and dealing the cards is fully-automatedand at least human interference setting the ground for fair and transparent games. Further, the Random Number Generator (RNG) certificate is a proof of authenticity and fair play. In such gaming environment, rummy skills alone prove decisive to win at Indian rummy games.

Play online; enjoy offline too

As you play online rummy, you can enjoy the benefits offline. With lots of features and attractive offers to be tried and picked up, it’s an exciting journey of fun and entertainment for the players.


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