The 5 Best Casino Scenes Of All Times

Casino scenes have been the backdrop or the main subject in many movies, over so many years. The history of cinema is itself the witness of how the gambling scenes have ruled the motion pictures, starting from the era of black and white to the modern blockbusters. Call it a perfect way to escape the mundane reality of our daily life or an expert technique of entertaining the viewers, scenes of gambling has always grasped the full attention of the audiences. Fascination with gambling scenes has almost become an inseparable part of various super hit movies. Let’s have a look at the 5 greatest gambling scenes in movies that are there to stay forever in your memories.

Rain Man

Though the 1988 movie Rain Man has used gambling only as a backdrop for it, but it offers one of the most unforgettable gambling scenes in motion pictures. The scene where the autistic Ray (Dustin Hoffman) counts all the cards at a blackjack table is very much endearing to all gambling movie lovers. The movie in real is shot at the Caesar’s Palace, one of the grandest gambling den in the world.


Who doesn’t know about 1998 super hit drama film Rounders! Depicting the underground realm of high-stakes gambling, this movie is known for its brilliant portrayal of playing poker. How a young fella Michael McDermott(Matt Damon) reads every poker player at a table during the midway through a hand is considered to be one of the fascinating gambling scenes.

Casino Royale

Though a remake of the 1967 James Bond movie, Casino Royale 2006 has indeed successful in proving the audience with thrilling casino scenes. The particular poker scene where the protagonist of the movie, James Bond (Daniel Craig), plays a variation of the card game named Texas Holde’m is probably one of the best gambling scenes in the history of cinema.

Ocean’s Eleven

If you are a fan of gambling theme-based movies, then Steven Soderbergh directed Ocean’s Eleven must be one of your favorites. It tells the story of how a group of conmen, led by the protagonist name Daniel Ocean (George Clooney), robs one of the biggest casino houses in Las Vegas. The most loved gambling scene in the movie is where famous TV stars gather at a club to be taught to play poker by a character named Rusty (Brad Pitt).


The drama film of 1995, Casino is known to be one the most popular movie that features the casino not only in the backdrop but as an essential part of the entire plot. One of the best gambling scenes in the movie is where a poker player is thrown out for putting his foot on a poker table by Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein’s (Robert De Niro) casino crew and security.

Casino scenes in movies tend to portray that it’s very easy to win the game of gambling. In movies, all you have to do is placing the bet, follow a fine strategy and the game is yours. Though it’s not all that simple in reality, but isn’t it the easy winning thing that makes us fall in love with movies!

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