Why Do We Play Cards During Diwali?

Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated by a lot of people in India. This festival usually falls in the month of October or November. As Diwali is known as the festival of lights, people decorate their homes with candles, diyas, lanterns, and lightings. Not just the home interiors are decorated, but the exteriors are decorated too. Rangolis are made at the entrance of the home to welcome people. Also, the balconies are decorated with lightings. Apart from decorating the home, firing crackers is another popular tradition during Diwali. Another popular tradition is to play cards on the night of Diwali.

It is believed that the Hindu goddess Parvati and her husband, Lord Shiva, were playing a dice game on this special day of Diwali. Parvati, on winning the game,said that anyone who gambles on the night of Diwali would prosper throughout the year. It is also believed that their 2 sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya joined them in playing the dice, thus making it a family affair. This is why the tradition of playing card games with friend and family has become popular during Diwali. People usually prefer playing games like Teen Pati and Rummy during Diwali. Also, a lot of people associate Diwali with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. This goddess of wealth and prosperity is known to bring good fortune and wealth to those who play cards on Diwali.

It is also believed that during Diwali, the hard-working farmers had some extra money and free time. This is mainly because Diwali occursat the end of the harvest season. The farmers could enjoy their life and bet money during this season. Some also believe that you must keep the doors and windows open on the day of Diwali. This invites goddess Lakshmi in to your house. In order to keep the doors and windows open for longer, a lot of people play card games throughout the night. While they keep themselves busy in playing the game, goddess Lakshmi pays her visit.

People, nowadays invite their friends and family to play cards on this special day. The stakes are kept very low as the game is played for enjoyment and not with a view for making money. Also, kids and teenagers are allowed to be a part of the games on the Diwali night. A lot of people see this tradition a good way to bring together your family and friends.

If you are celebrating the festival of Diwali at home, you can enjoy card games with your loved ones. However, if you are away from home and still wish to enjoy card games like rummy, you can log on to a reliable online rummy game site. You can play online rummy for cash or for free, depending on your choice. If you are playing for fun, you can begin with low stakes. You can increase the amount once you become well versed with the online rummygame. So this Diwali, ensure you do not miss the fun of being home and register to an online rummy site instantly.

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